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External antenna port location on Sierra Wireless 312U, 313U, 320U, 330U modems

Answer / Solution

The Sierra Wireless 312U, 313U, 320U, 330U modems all have 2 external antenna ports - a primary antenna port and diversity antenna port. The primary port is located on the top right of the modem when looking at the USB connector. By removing the back cover, the primary antenna port is indicated with the #1 and the diversity port is #2.

Both antenna ports use a TS9 connector (Proxicast part # ANT-104-TS9).

The diversity antenna port can be used to further improve cellular signal quality, especially in noisy or low-signal conditions. A diversity antenna is most beneficial when using omni-directional antennas. If used, the diversity antenna should be exactly the same as the primary antenna and positioned away from the primary antenna.

For 800 MHz networks, the optimal separation is approximately 22 inches, 35 inches or 48 inches

For 1900 MHz networks, the optional separation is approximately 10 inches, 16 inches or 22 inches.


AirCard 313U Antenna ports

AirCard 313U rear

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