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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Maximizing the PocketPORT's Virtual Cable Mode performance

Answer / Solution

There several ways to maximize the throughput performance of the PocketPORT's Virtual Cable Mode:

  • Avoid cellular-to-cellular links.  If possible, have 1 of the PocketPORTs connected to a high-speed wired Internet connection rather than using a cellular USB modem.
  • Avoid having private IP addresses on both PocketPORTs.  When both PocketPORTs have private IP addresses, all Ethernet traffic must flow through the Switchboard server, rather than directly between the PocketPORTs.
  • Minimize the number of devices on the PocketPORT LAN segments.  Since Virtual Cable Mode is an Ethernet bridge, all Ethernet traffic on the PocketPORT subnet will flow through the connection.  If possible, separate the PocketPORT LAN from your main LAN to minimize the number of Ethernet devices on the subnet.
  • Set the Network Password on both PocketPORTs to a blank string.  This tells the PocketPORT not to encrypt the data being sent through the tunnel.  Please weigh any performance gains against the potential loss of security from sending unencrypted data across the Internet.
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