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Last Update : 2013/12/10
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Question / Issue
AirCard 341U shows status "NAT HIDDEN" in LAN-Cell 3

Answer / Solution

When first activated, the Netgear 341U modem operates in NAT Router mode and does not assign a public IP address to the USB port of the LAN-Cell 3.

On the LAN-Cell 3's Setup>WAN screen, select "4G DirectIP Modems / Netgear / AirCard 341U" and Save Settings.  The LAN-Cell 3 will then automatically attempt change the 34U's operating mode to "IP Pass-Through".  During the time it takes for the modem's operating mode to be changed, the LAN-Cell 3 will display a status of "NAT HIDDEN" for the 341U.  Please allow up to 5 minutes for the LAN-Cell to reconfigure the 341U modem.

If the LAN-Cell cannot change the operating mode to IP Pass-Through, you can manually change the mode using the Netgear utility from the link below.

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