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Question / Issue
Using the Netgear AirCard 340U (AT&T Beam) USB modem in the LAN-Cell 3 or PocketPORT

Answer / Solution

By default, the 340U functions as a NAT Router and not a pass-through modem.  Perform the following steps with the 340U too enable IP Pass-Through and Auto-Connect Modes before using it with the LAN-Cell or PocketPORT routers.

  • With the 340U modem connected to a PC, install and run the AT&T All Access communications software.  This application should install directly from the 340U modem when inserted into a Windows PC. 
    All Access Icon 
  • With the 340U not connected to the AT&T network, select the Settings icon to open the Settings screen. 
    All Access Main Screen
  • Select the Mobile Connection menu, then press the Control + Shift + M keys simultaneously to expose the hidden Mobile Profiles button. 

    All Access Mobile Connection Screen


  • Click the Mobile Profiles button and create/dit a mobile profile that corresponds to the APN to which your account is assigned by AT&T (e.g. "broadband", "internet", "I2GOLD", etc.).  Contact AT&T Customer Service if you do not have this information.

    All Access Mobile Profile Screen
  • Select the correct profile and click the back arrow to return to the Mobile Connection menu.  Close the Settings window. 
  • Return to the All Access Home screen and confirm that you can make a successful connection to AT&T and that your PC is receiving the IP address expected. 
  • Open the Settings Screen again and select the Update menu. 
  • If the 340U detects that a newer firmware version is available, download and install the update (the available version may differ from the sample screen above).
    340U Firmware Confirmation

    340U Firmware Progress
  • Once completed, open the Settings / About screen to confirm that the correct firmware version was loaded.


  • Close the All Access application. 
NOTE: The Netgear Utilities mentioned below do not run under Windows 10

  • If you have a public / static IP address from AT&T and are using an APN other than "broadband" (such as "I2GOLD"), then download and launch the AC340U_ip_pass_through_enable.exe utility from the link below.  This step is not required when using the "broadband" APN since it always performs NAT and issues private IP addresses.  Note - this utility may not run correctly under Windows 10.

    AirCard 340U Enable IP Pass Through Utility

    340U IP Pass Through Tool 


  • If the firmware loaded on the 340U is NTG9X15C_01.13.12.13 r18963 or newer, then you must also download and run the Netgear AC340U_AutoConnect_Enable.exe utility.

    AirCard 340U Enable AutoConnect Utility


  • Once completed, the utility will close and the 340U will restart. The modem's LCD screen will indicate that it is online. 
    340U LCD 


  • Remove the 340U modem from the PC.  It is ready to use in the LAN-Cell or PocketPORT.


NOTE #1: Enabling IP Pass-Through Mode cannot be undone.  The 340U will continue to operate in this mode even when used in devices other than the LAN-Cell or PocketPORT (e.g. Windows/MAC/Linux PCs).

NOTE #2: AutoConnect Mode may be disabled in order to change settings using the All Access application. Download and run the utility below before launching All Access.
AirCard 340U Disable AutoConnect Utility

NOTE #3: Due to USB bus timing issues in some AirCard 340U firmware versions, a USB adapter (ACC-USB-003) is required with the LAN-Cell or PocketPORT to ensure reliable detection of the 340U modem.

USB Hub Adapter

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