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Last Update : 2013/12/31
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Question / Issue
Locking the Verizon Wireless / Pantech UML295 to 3G or 4G mode

Answer / Solution

The UML295 can be locked into a variety of operating modes, including 4G/LTE only and 3G (CDMA) only.  This is accomplished using the Field Test Data menu of the UML295 modem.

  1. Open the UML295's Mobile Broadband Manager application either using the Enhanced Application on your PC, or by opening a web browser to or
  2. Simultaneously press the Ctrl + Shift + D keys to open a new browser window and the login prompt below. You may need to disable any browser pop-up blockers.
  3. The username is vzw and the password is mbbdiag
    UML295 Diagnostic Login
  4. The Field Test Data screen will be displayed. Select the Settings tab.
    UML295 Field Test Data Screen
  5. Scroll down to the Preferred Operating Mode section and select the desired mode and click the OK button.
    Locking UML295 modem to 3G or 4G mode
  6. You may now remove the UML295 from your PC.  The UML295 will remain in the selected operating mode until it is changed with this utility.

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