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Last Update : 2014/02/11
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Using a PC's Wi-Fi Interface to Make a Virtual Cable Connection

Answer / Solution
The PocketPORT can establish a Virtual Cable connection to other PocketPORTs even when it does not have a USB modem directly attached. As long as the PocketPORT has some means of reaching the Internet, a Virtual Cable connection can be made.
This TechNote provides an example of how to use a PocketPORT in conjunction with a PC’s existing Internet connection to build a Virtual Cable tunnel. The TechNote illustrates a PC with a Wi-Fi connection to a public Access Point; however the technique shown is applicable to any situation where a PC has more than 1 network connection (at least one Ethernet connection for the PocketPORT).
Scenarios where this “shared” Internet connection can be useful for creating Virtual Cable connections when no USB modem is used in the PocketPORT include:
  • Laptops connected to hotel or other public Wi-Fi networks
  • Corporate PC’s where only 1 PC requires access to the Virtual Cable tunnel






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