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Configuring static (reserved) DHCP LAN addresses on the LAN-Cell 3

Answer / Solution

In some instances it is desirable to have a LAN device always receive the same IP address from the LAN-Cell 3. This is accomplished through a process called DHCP Reservation.

Using the MAC address of the LAN device, the LAN-Cell 3's DHCP server will always issue the same (static) IP address whenever this MAC address makes a DHCP request.

DHCP Reservation is configured on the Security > Outbound MAC Access Control page.

Enable Outbound MAC Access Control.

Then click the Add button to create a new Rule. Fill in the appropriate information as shown in this example:

Static DCHP on the LAN-Cell 3

Be sure to enter the LAN device's MAC address using colons (:) between each octet.  Also be sure to click the Save Settings button on the Outbound MAC Access Control page to save your changes.

You must assign an IP address that is part of the LAN-Cell 3's current DHCP Server pool.  See the Setup > DHCP Server page for the allowed IP address range.

Also refer to Section 8.3 of the LAN-Cell 3 User Guide for more information.

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