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Last Update : 2016/04/25
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Question / Issue
Cellular IP address not being assigned to device connected to the PocketPORT when in IP Pass-Through Mode

Answer / Solution

Some devices are not able to process the IP assignment protocol used on cellular networks.  The main symptom of this is Ethernet devices which are configured as DHCP clients do not receive any IP address information via the PocketPORT (in Pass-Through Mode) even when the PocketPORT indicates that it has a cellular connection.

The issue is related to the details of the Mobile IP protocol used by cellular carriers and how it differs from the DHCP protocol used by non-cellular-aware equipment.

The solution is to configure the PocketPORT for NAT Router Mode operation. 

For example, in NAT mode, the PocketPORT will default to a private IP address of for its Ethernet port.

Next, configure the Ethernet attached device for a private static IP address, for example, with a subnet mask of, default gateway = and DNS server address of

If you need remote access over cellular to the Ethernet device, add its private IP address ( in our example) to the "Forward Inbound Traffic on All Ports to the IP Address" field.


Note 1: If you choose a different subnet for the PocketPORT, you must also change the starting and ending DHCP pool addresses to the same subnet, even if you are not using the PocketPORT's DHCP server.


NOTE 2: You cannot manually assign the cellular provider's IP address to your Ethernet device, since the subnet mask, gateway and DNS values are always dynamic on cellular connections (even static IP cellular connections).

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