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Last Update : 2018/02/26
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PocketPORT 2 and Verizon/Novatel USB730L Modem Firmware Matching

Answer / Solution

Verizon/Novatel has issued a firmware update for the USB730L modem which changes the way this modem operates.

If your USB730L has firmware version 1G L2.58.4 M9x40FRN-3.41.1 1 [2017-05-10 23:42:00] or later installed, you must install PocketPORT firmware version 2.2.108 or later for compatability.


To check the firmware version on the USB730L, insert the modem into a PC and open a web browser to http://my.usb or

Select About from the left side menu, then click the Device Info tab.

USB730L Device Info Screen


Earlier versions of the USB730L firmware are supported in PocketPORT firmwware releases 2.2.100 and 2.2.104. You can downgrade PocketPORT firmware if necessary.

All supported PocketPORT firmware images can be downloaded from:


Configure all versions of the USB730L the same way for use in the PocketPORT.  See this Setup Guide for further instructions:



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