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Question / Issue
I'm having trouble with DynDNS updates

Answer / Solution

Here are several items to check:

- Enter the fully qualified host name into the LAN-Cell (e.g. not just the hostname.

- Ensure that the type of DynDNS account that you've set up (Dynamic, Static, Custom) matches the value selected in the LAN-Cell.

- Check that your DynDNS username and password are correctly entered in the LAN-Cell (include case sensitivity)

- Do not use "special characters" such as ($,%, @, &, ^, /, \, etc.) in your DynDNS username or password.

- The DynDNS protocol is such that if the WAN IP has not changed, the LAN-Cell is not supposed to send the update to DynDNS. If you force the LAN-Cell to update DynDNS with an IP address that matches the IP address that DynDNS already has on file as the current IP address for that host name, then the update is ignored by the DynDNS servers. This is all in accordance to DynDNS's policies. The DynDNS web site status screen reflects the last time that the host's IP address was actually changed, not the last time it was confirmed to be the same.  Please see DynDNS's policy on when they will accept update transactions (link below). 

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