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Troubleshooting REG issues

Answer / Solution

If the REG (registration) LED on the LAN-Cell is blinking, it means that the device has not registered onto the carrier's network. This is a low-level GSM issue and not related to the LAN-Cell's TCP/IP configuration. The LAN-Cell will not function unless it can register on the GSM network. The blinking REG LED can be caused by several conditions:

  • No SIM inserted when the LAN-Cell was powered on 
  • No antenna connected when the LAN-Cell was powered on
  • Inadequate signal strength from the carrier at the antenna's location
  • SIM not configured correctly for access to the carrier's network (typically caused if the SIM or user's account does not include GPRS data service features). Can also be caused if account/SIM has WAP services activated instead of Internet data services.

 To troubleshoot your Registration issue:

  • Confirm with the carrier that your SIM/account is activated with GPRS data services. The carrier may require you to associate the LAN-Cell's modem IMEI number (printed on the label) with your account.
  • Insert the SIM and attach the antenna BEFORE powering on the LAN-Cell. Be sure to close the SIM lock too.
  • Use a terminal program (like HyperTerm) to connect to the serial CFG port of the LAN-Cell (slide the switch to the left). Use the command AT+CSQ to query the GSM signal quality being received at your location. In general, you will need the first parameter returned to be greater than 5 in order to make a connection (ignore the second parameter returned). A CSQ value of 5 is equivalent to about 1 "bar" of signal strength on most mobile phones. See your Quick Start Guide for more specific information on this procedure.

In CFG mode, use the AT+CREG? command to query the registration status. Return values:

0 = not registered, device is not currently searching a new operator to register to
1 = registered, home network
2 = not registered, but device is currently searching a new operator to register to
3 = registration denied
4 = unknown
5 = registered, roaming

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