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Proxicast Virtual Cable Switchboard Server Software for Linux

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Single Server License Key and Software for the Proxicast Virtual Cable Switchboard Server for Linux.  Includes 1 Year of Software Updates and Technical Support. Hardware and OS are not included.

The Virtual Cable Switchboard Server Software is a Linux-based application which provides address resolution and packet relay services for Proxicast's devices such as the PocketPORT which support Virtual Cable Mode (VCM) operation.  All VCM devices must interact with a Switchboard Server in order to establish a connection with other devices.

The accompanying Virtual Cable Switchboard Server Monitor web-application provides real-time monitoring of the Virtual Cable network and devices.


Key Features

 Installation Wizard for both Graphical and Text Mode installs
• Web-based real-time monitoring of Switchboard Server activity
• Runs on any X86-based Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, etc)
• Runs on Desktop or Server Linux OS
• Can run on Virtual Machine, VPS, or Cloud-based Linux instances (e.g. Amazon)
• Not dependent on any external Linux libraries or packages
• Low resource requirements
• Supports both PocketPORT and EtherLINQ devices simultaneously

Public vs. Private Switchboards

All Proxicast customers are entitled to unlimited use of Proxicast's public Virtual Cable Switchboard Server (vc.pocketport.net).  

Customers wishing to operate their own private VCM Switchboard Server for security, performance, or availability reasons, must purchase a Switchboard Server license and install their own copy of the Virtual Cable Switchboard Server software.     



Each Switchboard Server requires an activation license key purchased from Proxicast.  

Server licenses are based on the maximum number of Gateways (e.g. PocketPORTs) that can be connected to the Switchboard concurrently.  Each Gateway can provide Internet access for multiple end-node devices connected to its local area network port(s).  

The Switchboard Server can support multiple independent VCM "networks", up to one-half of the concurrent Gateway license count since each VCM network requires a minimum of 2 Gateways.

License keys are valid on 1 server at a time but may be transferred between servers. License price includes 1 year of software updates and technical support.  Annual software maintenance for years 2 and beyond is 15% of the then current list price.


Delivery & Installation

Add this product to your shopping cart and an activation license key and software download links will be E-Mailed to the address you enter during Checkout within 48 hours. 

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the Switchboard Server User Guide.


System Requirements

• 32-bit or 64-bit x86-based Linux Operating System (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian)
• 1 GB RAM
500 MB disk space

• Network interface card
• Internet connectivity with 1 UDP and optionally 1 TCP open inbound ports
• Web browser (optional)
• Root level OS privileges for installation


Part #: SW-VCSS  -- Single Server License Key and software for the Proxicast Virtual Cable Switchboard Server for Linux.  Includes 1 Year of Software Updates and Technical Support. Hardware and OS are not included.