Pigtail cables are adapter cables that have very short lengths, small diameter size and are available in different cable types and connector options. The most popular are 4G LTE and 5G cellular broadband applications are TS9 to SMA-Male. They are often used 4G LTE and 5G routers, modems, hotspots, MiFi, Jetpacks and various USB modems.
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12" SMA to TS9 connector pigtail for many popular USB modems & hotspots (InSeeGo, Sierra Wireless, Netgear, Novatel, ZTE, etc)
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Minimum quantity for "Proxicast 12 inch TS9 to SMA Female External Antenna Adapter Cable Pigtail for 4G/5G Modems, Hotspots & Routers - Nighthawk M5 / MR5100, M1 / MR1100, Velocity 2, Verizon JetPack 8800L, 7730L, LBL2120" is 1.