ezOutlet5 - Internet Enabled IP & WiFi Remote Power Switch with Reboot (AC Power/Single Outlet/iOS/Android/Cloud/Web Controllable) - Newest Model

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ezOutlet5 Logo ezOutlet5 monitors your Internet connection and automatically
power-cycles the device plugged in to it when the Internet goes down

Key Features

  • Monitors Internet Connectivity and Cycles Power Outlet when Broadband (DSL, cable, satellite, FiOS, etc) Connection is Lost
  • Automatically Restart Remote Equipment such as Modems, Routers, PCs or Security Cameras when they Crash, Freeze or Lock-Up
  • Connects to your LAN via 2.4G WiFi or 10/100 Ethernet
  • Schedule Multiple Automatic Power Cycles (e.g. ON at 6 AM, OFF at 9 PM)
  • Free Monitor & Control App for iPhone / iPad / Android Phones & Tablets or use Cloud & Web Interfaces
  • FCC Approved - US Plugs/Outlets - 10A Fuse


Model EZ-72b replaces Model EZ-62b – same great features but now with WiFi & Bluetooth support and faster, easier setup!


ezOutlet5 Can:

  • Keep-alive a network device
  • Remotely power on-off-reset a device on demand
  •  Schedule a power on-off-reset at specific times


Control the ezOutlet5 via:

  • Free "ezDevice" APP for Apple IOS and Andriod (download from your app store)
  • Free "Cloud4UIS.com" web site (an Amazon Web Services hosted application)
  • ezOutlet5's internal password-protected HTTP web server
  • ezOutlet5's API
  • Function button on the device


There is no messing around with port forwarding or domain names. Just connect ezOutlet to the Internet, install the ezDevice app on your phone/tablet, sync and use. The smartphone and cloud apps allow you to remotely turn On / Off / Reset / Schedule multiple ezOutlet's and MSNSwitches.

Typical ezOutlet Network Setup to Restart a Modem or Router when the Internet Locks UpTypical ezOutlet LAN Setup Diagram


  1. Plug the ezOutlet's power cord into a wall outlet or UPS
  2. Plug your modem/router's power adapter into the ezOutlet
  3. Install the ezDevice app on your phone or tablet and use it to automatically connect the ezOutlet to your WiFi network via a Bluetooth connection - or - Plug an Ethernet cable between the ezOutlet and your router and go to Cloud4UIS.com to add the ezOutlet by serial number
  4. Press the Function button on the ezOutlet once and check that the Internet and Auto Reset LEDs are on solid
  5. Now when the ezOutlet detects that it cannot access the Internet, it will cycle power to your modem/router


You can also use the ezDevice app, Cloud4UIS web site, or the ezOutlet's internal web server to adjust various settings to meet your needs such changing how many times the ezOutlet will restart a device, how long it takes to determine an Internet outage, or to schedule regular on-off cycles.

Function Button

• Press Once: Toggle Auto Reset on ping failure mode

• Press Twice: Toggle the outlet's power (on/off) state

• Press 10 sec: Reset to factory defaults


Proxicast is a Mega System Technologies' Authorized ezOutlet3 Reseller.

ezOutlet3 Specifications
Model EZ-72b
Input Voltage Range 125~250V, 50/60Hz
Max Output Current 10A
Input Plug / Output Socket Type B (US) NEMA 5-15R
Wired Network 10/100 Base-T, RJ45
Wireless Network 2.4 GHz WiFi & Bluetooth 4.2
Operating Conditions 0~60C at 10~90% RH
Dimensions 4.33 x 2.95 x 1.38 in (110x75x35 mm)
Box Contents ezOutlet5, Ethernet cable, QuickStart Guide


UPC: 617237751850

Free smartphone app that lets you remotely monitor and control multiple ezOutlets and MSNSwitches.




Free web site where you can remotely monitor and control multiple ezOutlets and MSNSwitches. Automatically synchronized with ezDevice.

Login to Cloud4UIS.com



Firmware Updates

ezOutlet firmware updates are installed automatically using the ezDevice app.  The New Firmware Alert icon  will display when new firmware is released. Follow the instructions in ezDevice.



How do you upgrade the firmware?
Can you prevent the ezOutlet from accessing the Internet?
Can you change the ping target?
Can the device IP address be changed via the web interface - can it be a "static" IP address or does it have to use DHCP?
In the event of a power failure, does this device return to the state it was in prior to the failure?
How quickly will the ezOutlet detect Internet loss?
What outbound ports must be open if the ezOutlet is behind a firewall?
  • Title: ezOutlet5 - Internet Enabled IP & WiFi Remote Power Switch with Reboot (AC Power/Single Outlet/iOS/Android/Cloud/Web Controllable) - Newest Model
  • Part #: PWR-EZ-72b
  • UPC Code: 617237751850
  • ASIN: B0861NX6H2
  • HS Code: 8536.50.7000
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 0.900