interVOLT 12V DC Stabilizer / Voltage Regulator / Power Conditioner / Battery Charger (10-16 VDC Input - 12.5/13.6 VDC Output) - Heavy Duty 7A DC-DC Isolated - Model SPCi121207

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Key Features

  • PROTECT VALUABLE ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT - A small investment in a professional grade external power conditioner saves money, frustration and time.
  • EXCELLENT LINE AND LOAD REGULATION - 7A continuous load rating. 93% efficiency. Highly stable under a range of input conditions (10 - 16 VDC).
  • SWITCH SELECTABLE OUTPUT VOLTAGE (12.5 or 13.6 V DC) - Galvanic isolation between input and output - Wide operating temperature (-25 to +45 C)
  • MARINE GRADE - Corrosion resistant materials; Conformally coated circuit board - Compact Size - Suitable for high/low temperature environments
  • STABILIZE VOLTAGE from alternators, generators, batteries, solar panels and unregulated DC power supplies in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, communications and industrial equipment


Dirty 12 volt DC power from vehicle, marine, solar, battery, generator or other direct DC power source can ruin expensive equipment. The interVOLT SPCi121207 is the perfect solution to ensure that your devices receive clean, stable power.

The SPCi121207 resolves power problems including voltage surges, transients, spikes, etc. It is a converter, stabilizer, isolator and regulator all in a single compact package.

The SPCi122107 is galvanically isolated (input to output) and designed to protect equipment connected to 12 VDC power sources. Its switchmode design is more energy efficient with less heat dissipation than cheap linear voltage regulators.

Switch selectable output voltage (12.5 or 13.6) allows you to power sensitive 12V equipment directly, or provide clean power to general purpose 12V devices.

Unique self diagnosing electronics provide valuable feedback. A tri-color LED displays the system status and indicates standby power, low input voltage, over temperature, overload and output short circuit.

Constructed of high quality, marine grade aluminum and ABS components. All hardware is non-ferrous and the terminals are plated brass.

Designed to operate in high ambient temperatures under constant load, the SPCi121207 delivers every time.

Innovative features. Rugged design. Simple installation. Peace-of-Mind.


Key Specifications

• Input Voltage: 10 - 16 VDC
• Output Voltage: 12.5 or 13.6 VDC (switch selectable)
• Current Rating: 7 Amps
• Efficiency: 93%
• Operating Temp: -25C to +45C
• Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.2 x 1.6 in (170 x 80 x 40 mm)
• Weight: 0.9 lbs (418 g)
• Overload, Short Circuit, Under Voltage, Polarity & Temperature Protection
• CE and C-Tick approvals


See full product specs on the Documentation tab.

Made in Australia

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SPCI-121207 Specifications
Input Voltage Range 10 – 16VDC
Output Voltage – Low Setting 12.5 VDC nominal
Output Voltage – High Setting 13.6 VDC nominal
Length Overall 170mm (6.690”)
Width Overall 80mm (3.150”)
Height Overall 40mm (1.575”)
Continuous Load Rating @ 30°C (80°F) 7 Amps @ 13.6VDC
Peak Load Rating @ 30°C (80°F)* 10 Amps @ 13.6VDC
Standby Current Draw <20mA
Power Conversion Efficiency @ 30°C (80°F) Typically 93%
Output Ripple Less than 20mV Peak to Peak
Operating Temperature -25°C to + 45°C
Operating Humidity Ideally less than 90%
Enclosure Material Marine grade aluminium dye anodised
End Cap Material Injection moulded electrical grade ABS/PC plastic
Terminal Cover Material Extruded temperature resistant ABS
Diagnostic Indicator Tri-colour LED – monitoring input voltage, overload, short circuit and temperature.
Transient Voltage Protection Filtering – Purpose designed circuit
Overload/Short Circuit Protection Shutdown – Current sensing circuit (automatic reset)
Input Under Voltage Protection Shutdown – Voltage sensing circuit (automatic reset)
Over Temperature Protection Shutdown – Temperature sensing circuit (automatic reset)
Output Over Voltage Protection Internal Fuse – Latching Zener circuit (not user serviceable)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection Internal Fuse – Diode bypass circuit (not user serviceable)
Termination Power – 6-32 UNC H/D screw terminal
Conformity Australian AS/NZS CISPR 11. European EN55011. International CISPR11 and IEC61204-3.
Certification EMC – Australian C Tick mark & European CE mark


SKU: PWR-SPCI-121207

UPC: 617237749925

  • Title: interVOLT 12V DC Stabilizer / Voltage Regulator / Power Conditioner / Battery Charger (10-16 VDC Input - 12.5/13.6 VDC Output) - Heavy Duty 7A DC-DC Isolated - Model SPCi121207
  • Part #: PWR-SPCI-121207
  • UPC Code: 617237749925
  • HS Code: 9032.89.20.00
  • Country of Origin: Australia
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