Proxicast Pro-Grade Extra Strong Weatherproof Self-Bonding 30mil Silicone Sealing Tape For Coax Connectors (1.5" x 15' roll)

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Key Features

  • EASILY SEAL COAX & ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS from Moisture and Corrosion

  • THICKER, WIDER & STRONGER Than Other Silicone Tapes

  • EASY TO APPLY - Easy to Remove - No Messy Adhesive

  • WATERPROOF, UV, Saltwater, Chemical & Temperature Resistant

  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H this tape up to 3 times its initial length when applying to activate it

Adhesive vinyl electrical tape cannot create a permanent waterproof seal and removing the tape creates a sticky mess. Butyl rubber tape can be hard to work with and deforms at high temperatures or when compressed.

Proxicast’s Pro-Grade Self-Bonding (non-adhesive) Silicone Tape adheres only to itself, creating a completely air, dust & water-tight seal. Silicone tape can be easily removed, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Impervious to temperatures from -65F to +500F and most chemical solvents, Proxicast’s Pro-Grade Self-Bonding Silicone Tape can be used in almost any environment indoors or out.

Proxicast's heavy-duty 30 mil silicone tape is 50% thicker than other premium silicone tapes. Extra thickness means better protection for rough, sharp and uneven surfaces without applying extra layers. Thicker tape provides more abrasion resistance and better insulation. Proxicast’s silicone tape is also 50% wider than most other brands for faster wrapping and fewer seams.

Perfect for protecting CATV & RF coaxial antenna connectors and electrical plugs from damaging moisture, this premium tape is 1.5" wide, 30 mil thick and each 15 ft roll can cover approximately 6 typical connections.

100's of Applications:

• Outdoor antenna coax connector weather sealing
• Electrical cable repair & insulation
• Outdoor extension cord & lighting connector protection
• Plumbing repairs
• Automotive & RV hose repairs
• Marine applications
• Garden hoses & tubing
• Tools, sporting good & handlebar grips

NOTE: S-T-R-E-T-C-H this tape while applying to activate adhesion. Silicone layers will fuse over time forming a solid barrier.

ANT-900-002 Specifications

Thickness 30 mil
Width 1.5 inches
Length 15 feet
Operating Temp. -54°C to +260°C  (-65°F to +500°F)
Tensile Strength 1150 PSI minimum
Ultimate Elongation 300% minimum
Tear Resistance 125 PSI


SKU: ANT-900-002

UPC: 617237750938

  • Title: Proxicast Pro-Grade Extra Strong Weatherproof Self-Bonding 30mil Silicone Sealing Tape For Coax Connectors (1.5" x 15' roll)
  • Part #: ANT-900-002-CLR
  • UPC Code: 617237750938
  • ASIN: B00K5GW67O
  • HS Code: 3919.10.2020
  • Country of Origin: China
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