Proxicast Pro-Grade J-Max 100% Stainless Steel Rustproof Antenna Mount - Universal Outdoor Adjustable Pivot/Lock Bracket & J-Pipe Mast (1.5" x 18" Pole) for Wall, Eave, Gable, Chimney or Roof Mounting

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Key Features

  • HEAVY DUTY ANTENNA MOUNTING KIT - 304 STAINLESS STEEL Bracket & Arm - 304 STAINLESS Mounting Hardware Included - Will Not Rust onto your House!

  • UNIQUE LOCKING PIN - Increases Strength and Stability for Heavy Antennas at 0, +45, -45 Degrees

  • ADJUSTABLE PIVOT / SLIDE - Position JPole for Best Signal Reception; Mount Base to Any Flat or Sloping Surface

  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - Compatible With Any Type/Brand of Antenna - 4G, 5G. WiFi, TV / HDTV, Satellite, Helium, Weather Station, Ham, CB, etc.

  • REVERSIBLE J PIPE - Extend Wall Standoff Distance for Antenna Mounting Flexibility


Proxicast J-Max Antenna

Proxicast Pro-Grade J-Max All Stainless Steel Adjustable Antenna Mounting Bracket Kit

for Wall, Eave, Gable, Chimney or Roof Mounting

Proxicast’s Pro-Grade J-Max is a heavy-duty solid stainless steel adjustable stand-off antenna mast for convenient and flexible mounting of any sort of antenna, lighting, camera or other equipment to walls, gables, eaves, chimneys, roofs, decks or other flat or sloped surfaces.

This is the mount you want to support your heavy & expensive equipment like satellite dish, 4G/5G or HDTV antennas, weather stations, surveillance cameras or exterior lighting.

Kit Includes

  • Stainless Steel Base
  • Stainless Steel J-Mast
  • 1x M6 SS Pivot Bolt
  • 1x M6 SS Lock Bolt
  • 2x M6 SS Short Adjustment Bolts
  • 4x M6 SS Lock Nuts
  • 4x M8 SS Lag Screws
  • Assembly Instructions

Designed by Antenna Installation Professionals

We've been there.

On a ladder in the cold, wind and rain. Or beating sun. Lugging tools and equipment up and down.

Trying to get the job done before quitting time.

You don't want to come back because the bracket slipped or rusted.

We Designed the J-Max Bracket for People Like You

People who use the best materials.

People who want to do the job right.


There are a lot of similar looking adjustable J-mount antenna pole brackets on the market

Here's What Makes the J-Max Professional Grade

Antenna technician installing antenna on J-Max
Quality Materials J-Max Locking Pin Installation Tools

Premium Quality Materials

This heavy duty antenna mount is made entirely of solid stainless-steel parts that will not rust or discolor your building.

The base is precision stamped from a single piece of metal for maximum strength with no welds to fail.

This bracket will last a lifetime with no maintenance.

Unique Design

Our exclusive locking mechanism allows the mast to be securely mounted at -45, 0 or +45 degrees without fear of slippage and gives the J-Max incredible weight bearing capacity up to 130 pounds.

The optional slide mechanism allows the mast to be infinitely positioned between +45 and -45 degrees to adapt to a variety of installation situations.

Installation Flexibility

Numerous pre-drilled holes simplify installation. The mast tube is reversible for different stand-off distances.

See the User Guide PDF on this listing for all 6 of the assembly positions.

The mast's 1.5 inch diameter accommodates most antenna pole mount mechanisms such as U-Bolts and pole clamps.

ANT-800-JP3 Specifications
Material - Base & Pole Stainless-Steel (SS304)
Material - Bolts, Nuts, Screws Stainless-Steel (SS304)
Pole Outer Diameter 1.5 inches
Wall Clearance 7.75 inches min / 17 inches max
Lock Angle Positions -45, 0, +45 degrees
Swing Angle Range -45 to +45 degrees
Assembled Weight 2 lbs 2 oz
Base Plate Dimensions 7.25 x 4 inches
Other Dimensions See the 2D CAD PDF for complete dimensional information
Max Load Capacity 58 - 130 pounds depending on pole angle. See User Guide.

SKU: ANT-800-JP3

UPC: 617237751768

  • Title: Proxicast Pro-Grade J-Max 100% Stainless Steel Rustproof Antenna Mount - Universal Outdoor Adjustable Pivot/Lock Bracket & J-Pipe Mast (1.5" x 18" Pole) for Wall, Eave, Gable, Chimney or Roof Mounting
  • Part #: ANT-800-JP3
  • UPC Code: 617237751768
  • HS Code: 7326.19.0080
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 2.750